Murphy Bed Wall Unit

One of our biggest goals at Copper Canyon Design is to take our customer’s dreams, goals, and visions and bring them to reality.

We just finished a project for Josh and Megan in South Jordan where we were able to do just that. They had two main objectives they were trying to accomplish.

1) Their front room right off the entry of their home is used as the playroom for their kids. Megan really wanted to make this room more useful and inviting to guests in their home, and presentable to anyone who came in their front door.

2) They found a great deal on a used Murphy bed and wanted to somehow incorporate that into that room for guests.

custom murphy bed by Copper Canyon Design  

(As you can see in these photos - a Murphy bed is one that looks like a normal bed, but that can with some fancy mechanical hardware be lifted easily and stored vertically, out of the way, to maximize the usability of the space a bed would normally occupy.)

We were able to design and build around the Murphy bed to create a very functional space that looked great at the same time. 

We began by refinishing the Murphy bed to match the color of the new cabinetry, which we built to go on either side of the bed.

The room turned out great and is a show piece to all that enter their home

Thanks Josh and Megan for letting us help with this project. Can’t wait to see how it gets decorated!


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